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The Guide for Making Money in Archlord

We will tell you how to make loads of Archlord Gold. Make sure you have learnt how to ransack, carve from the adventurer, you will need level 10 for this. If you are new we recommend creating an orca character, or you can also travel to Gounod, since there are a lot of dark spiders level 1 that are fast to kill its an ideal spot.

Also the lower the levels of the mobs you skill, the more success rate, after you have done some ransacking lets say a stack 99 of tough Cobweb, you start carving until you have 3 stacks of Spider Leg. Once you are got those go to the cook and learn the cooking skill, also how to make Archlord Online Gold broiled spider.

You will need to buy a bunch of potatoes too, but start of selling a few broiled spiders and use that money to buy Archlord Gold the potatoes. Then you can start making broiled spider, these sell very fast because they give an hp boost and therefore are very useful for grind. Finally you start selling them; broiled spider sells fast for 30k per piece on gaiahon.

This will help you get a lot of money and cheap Archlord Gold and high cooking skills. After you have done that your skills will have gone up a lot so you will hardly fail. Once your skills have grown a lot you will be able to make broiled dragon and broiled bear. These sell for 100k each on gaiahon! This is a very good way to gain money to buy Archlord Online Gold, it will be slow in the beginning but once your skills have developed well, it will go very fast.

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