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By their nature MMOs ask a lot of the player, and we expect a lot in return. We're not just making a one-time purchase and losing ourselves for a few hours. We're moving into that world. We're creating imaginary lives, setting up shop, making friends, spending weeks, months, or years of our time in the place, and paying every month for the privilege of doing so.

This isn't just dropping 50 bucks on a game. It's choosing a neighborhood to move to. Except the cost of living is the same everywhere and there's never a shortage of housing. It's a buyer's market, and nobody wants to live in the slums when the rent is the same for a penthouse. So we end up with World of Warcraft holding half the population, with the rest split between a half dozen other games and a tiny sliver left for everyone else. You're either the place to be, or you offer enough local color to draw your own niche community.

To torture the metaphor a little longer, archlord gold  isn't a slum. It's more of a low-income housing complex in a suburb of Detroit. Not a hellish place, but it's stark, dull, and definitely something you've seen all over the landscape. It's got hot and cold running elves, but that's about it for amenities.

So what's the hook? When you've got graphics that look more like a manga reinterpretation of Dark Age of Camelot than a current generation MMO, PVP that comes down to who is carrying the most red potions, and a 100-level grind of the sort that epitomizes Korean MMO design, there better be one hell of a carrot at the end of that stick.

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