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New Items in Shop

Cronous have announced the addition of a number of new upgraded items in the games item shop.cronous cro 1.8 Package contains 1.8 times EXP, 4 types of weapon enhancement, a 30-day avatar items and th..



There are beginnings for all the legends, and the beginning is the CroNous. When you start, the Legend begins. A feeling tells many adventures and fantasies The Legend begins with your heart beat. cro..


Cronous Cro

Cronous is a fantasy MMORPG that allows the player to grow in several key ways -- through a great variety of over 100 quest types, emphasis on skills, and cronous money an individualized gameplay syst..


1-50 Master Lian Ji Experience

KLS has been updated recently, our family here has not been updated, so there is nothing dry, on and share with you brother of Lian Ji, experience, hope to help novice.Play cronous cro has a younger b..


Cronous: Making a Character

1. Connected to the game for the first time, there will be nobody in a ruined castle wall. So you have to make a character for youself by selecting button at the bottom of the screen.2. You can select..


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