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 Cronous is a fantasy MMORPG that allows the player to grow in several key ways -- through a great variety of over 100 quest types, emphasis on skills, and cronous money an individualized gameplay system where the player's actions affect his or her experience of the game world. A popular MMORPG developed and published by Lizard Interactive, yet again came up with another update for its players. Episode 4 General Seo Kan of Season 2 is a continuation of Ice Queen story. In the Episode 3, all hell broke loose with the wrath of the Ice Queen as she lost her son, Prince Berkiel. In this update, tells a story of a General Seo Kan, a loyal and brave servant of Ice Queen, as he sets out to find the lost prince.

   The update offers new 5-floors deep dungeon, new zone, new sets of monsters and an exciting boss quest. Players will have to clear a series of quest starting from Episode 3’s Ice Queen in order to arrive at the new zones Arcadia and cronous money Mon Laboness dungeon. The epic story of Ice Queen and the lost Prince Berkiel continues. Four new Growth Weapons added are named; Kai is for Fighters, Crash for Valkyries, Jend for Magicians and Schilt for Savages. These are in addition to the existing growth weapons. These additional weapons are very unique and valuable yet they require higher level restrictions to equip and use.

   These new weapons are powerful than ever and, when fully grown, it can be used to polymorph the player’s character into a formidable form with exclusive skills set for each weapons. Special new skills are Holy Sword, Shadow Attack, Ice Field, Ice Spear, Frenzied Attack and Dragon Spear.

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