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Massively interviews Shannon Posniewski about Champions Online's F2P changes

 Champions Online has made quite the big change with the recent decision to go free-to-play. We got together with Shannon Posniewski, Executive Producer for CO, and asked quite a few questions about how the F2P changes will impact new, current, and returning players.

In addition to these questions, the CO devs have compiled a huge FAQ covering many of the common queries regarding F2P, as well as a primer on how archetypes will work. We tried to avoid asking many of the questions that have already been answered somewhere else, so be sure to check those out as well.

Massively: What can we expect to see as far as new devices and features in the C-Store?

Shannon Posniewski: Most of the devices are consumables. For example, some you may be able to buy Champions Online Goldin a consumable form or a non-consumable form. You can get these as a toggle power, where it has a total number; let's say it has an hour of full time. So once you use it for an hour of in-game time, it destroys itself. There are other versions where you can turn it on or off for as long as you want and keep it forever. Some are consumable-only, like a health potion, and some you can buy as a consumable form or as a permanent form.

Are there any plans to add travel power devices similar to the crafted ones currently available?

Probably not for launch, but we'll be looking at what people buy in the store and what they're asking for. Honestly it's one of those things where we don't have the time to do it before we hit launch. In-house, we have a list of hundreds of items to build. We've chosen a handful, 25Champions Online Gold or so, that sort of span what people will like, as well as the ways to implement them. We won't be taking the existing ones and selling them; we'll have riots on our hands. and it's not fair to people who worked so hard for them. There will be variants, though -- different travel powers that we'll eventually offer in the store.

Are there any plans to release costume pieces that can't currently be purchased in the C-Store, such as the Vibora Bay costume drops or the crafting costume unlocks?

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