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Champions Online interview

Champions Online interview below.Champions Online Gold hero. Conversely, those superheroes with greater powers can tone things down to play on an even level with their less-powerful friends.Champions ..


Archetype Details Emerge

Champions Online goes live in January, one of the new features to be introduced is the Archetype system. Basically, an archetype is a ready-made hero with pre-defined build. Players will know ahead of..


Massively interviews Shannon Posniewski about Champions Online's F2P changes

Champions Online Gold, Champions GoldChampions Online has made quite the big change with the recent decision to go free-to-play. We got together with Shannon Posniewski, Executive Producer for CO, and..


Two Ranged DPS Classes

Healers: Make sure you are ready to HOT up your defensive tank as he engages, after this make sure one healer focuses on healing the tank exclusively while the other healer deals with the rest of the ..


Bill Roper Departs Cryptic Studios

After two great years, Chief Creative Officer Bill Roper is leaving Cryptic Studios. Read on for his special farewell message to everyone.Greetings, Cryptic fans!For the past two years Ive had the ext..


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