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Anarchy Online : Item Store Added

In a new dev post on the official Anarchy Online forums, updated information about last Friday's addition of an item store has been released. Included in the store are social and convenience items that will allow players to remain competitive. Devs are quite adamant that these items are not 'power' items and are not required to play the game.


Token packs will be available from the AO Credits shop in different amounts. This is an item that has been long requested by the community as it represents a very significant time investment to most players. The end-game boards themselves will not be available and will still need to be obtained in the normal fashion.

Victory Points:

A great many people enjoy PvP, while at the same time a great many people do not. Points will be available in the shop for those who would rather avoid the experience altogether. At the same time Basic OFAB armor pieces (not upgraded) will become Yes-Drop so can be sold by players with large surplus amounts of VP.

XP Stims:

Experience Constructs will be available in the Anarchy Credits shop for those who want to progress quicker and enjoy the game at their own pace. This is another item that has been long requested by the community. The best benefit available from the store will top out at 20% for 4 hours. These will not stack with previously available Anniversary buffs.
There is a full list of items the dev team feels will generate the most discussion along with a list of items that will be coming to the store in the future.

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