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Anarchy Credits is the story of a Omni-Tek, a giant, megalomaniacal, universe-spanning company that tries to enslave millions of citizens by trapping them in building geometry and erecting invisible forcefields which keep them from ever passing through doors or leaving through the gates of their cities. Since this is "the future," Omni-Tek is able to warp space and time, making their entire city slow down to one frame a second, shrewdly trapping their citizens in and their enemies out. This humongous company is opposed by a large number of non-sentient, semi-permeable rebels who attack their citizens by embedding themselves in walls and punching their enemies from miles away. When Omni-Tek is feeling particularly evil (and their quest generating machines are functioning), they issue "missions" to their citizens, offering cash rewards and Anarchy Credits fabulous prizes in exchange for fixing one of their 19 million sabotaged radar dishes or highly futuristic computer devices, all of which are transparent globes sitting on a restroom or stocking room floor. These extremely vital and important machines are always located in Omni-1's most run-down and decrepit crackhouses (of the FUTURE!) and are protected by nefarious rebels who lurk inside walls and are impossible to fight back against since they use what I assume is very advanced wall-morphing technology (of the FUTURE!). Most of these enemies can often be outsmarted by employing an ingenuous battle tactic known as "walking to another room," which makes it nearly impossible for them to track you down unless they are currently punching you from inside a wall twelve football fields away. Omni-Tek has been trying to reproduce this "semi-permeable wall-penetrating" warfare technology for their own gain but have not been able to so far, instead causing horrible failures such as "floors which make you fall through and get stuck inside" and "buildings that don't really seem to exist." Loyal residents of Omni-1 routinely fall prey to these failed experiments, dropping through what seems to be solid ground and finding themselves lodged inside buildings and world geometry, left with no solution but to page a GM or commit suicide. Since the names of all responsive Anarchy Credits GMs can be comfortably listed on the back of a piece of fortune cookie paper, suicide is the only true option in this situation.

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