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A letter from the Game Director

With a new year comes a new perspective for developers when taking a look back, and a look toward the future for their games. Funcom is no different, and Anarchy Credits Game Director has written up a letter to AO fans to talk about some of the things coming for the game.


In his last letter he mentioned the 17.8 update, but now he has more details to share about some of the major changes -- the replacement of the PvP title system, and  Anarchy Credits a new ranking system with separate ranks for solo and team PvP.


Funcom will also be introducing a true duel system to the game for players who want to challenge others to a friendly scrap, with Anarchy Credits special titles for duelers being included in the new ranking system as well.


The final available ladder of progression will be for the new duel mode. Players will now be able to duel another player by targeting them and typing /duel which will send a duel invitation to the other player. (There will be an F10 option to auto-refuse  Anarchy Credits duels so as to prevent people spamming this window on you)

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