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General Purpose PvP On Metin2 healer

metin2 yang). You can also run into any area affecting LOS. 90% of the time, the nuker will get frustrated and try to do melee damage to you. Calculate where he/she is headed and cut across as some wa..


Metin2 Skill Guide for Level

Then you allocution to Stable Boy, delay 1 day and again you can accord him 100k to get a Horse Sword which if you right-click it amendment your horse, you alone accept a 15% adventitious to arouse it..


Metin2 Gold Guide to Metins expansion for Level

Location in metin2 gold: Tangra Mountain, Demon belfry (floor 7)Summons: Ice Golem, Ice Man, Ice Bug, Yeti, Enchanted Ice.Drops: Medium-High akin weps Metin2 Yang (Max akin 60), Medium akin armor (Max..


Anti-obsession System in Metin2

metin2 yang.metin2 yang, the implementing rules and content are as follows. Of course, the system in other online game is similar.metin2 yang will determine standards of health game time. Usually, the..


Metin2 Description

Metin2 is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) which is packed with great features including quests, guild battles and wars between nations. With a completely revamped battle system..


G4Box's Metin 2 Launches New Server

The Popular Free To Play MMORPG Celebrates the New Server With a Lottery Ticket Giveaway And Great Prizes G4BOX Inc announced today that it has launched a new server for its popular MMORPG, Metin2 (ht..


Metin 2 Overview and Recent Content

G4Box introduces Metin 2, a 3D fantasy role-playing game that combines guild-based mass PvP and a variety of quests into the English market. There are four Classes for players to choose from and two t..


Metin2 making money guide

Metin2 guide about money making.If you want to own much more money,I think the guide is useful for you.Please read it up.So lets start with the basics.metin2 yang.These are : Farming upgrading materia..


Tips for Refining Metin2 Ores

metin2 yang if you think it is necessary , so how to refine them and where can you refine them ? Read the tips delow and you will clear about the processes !Metin2 gold for payment .Thats about it , h..


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