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Metin2 Skill Guide for Level

Then you allocution to Stable Boy, delay 1 day and again you can accord him 100k to get a Horse Sword which if you right-click it amendment your horse, you alone accept a 15% adventitious to arouse it, you can accomplish this a bigger adventitious by account Horse Summoning books. Already you ability akin 28, go to Northern Maadi and alternation there on Savage Minions & Infantry's because it gives acceptable exp at that level(Metin2 Gold).


All the accomplishment credibility of Metin2 Yang you get leveling from the point that you get Darkfire, you should go to Shadow Bolt as it is a absolutely acceptable Metin2 Goldaccomplishment back Mastered. At akin 35, you can alpha allurement for BO Parties in shout, bark alone can be done already every 15 seconds.


BO Parties will akin you up and back you ability akin 39-42, it is time for your additional Master skill, Shadow Bolt, this is our advice, Buy Metin2 Gold  you are not affected to chose these skills. Now at akin 40 you can go get a accent arena and do the abutting Ancient Page quests.


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