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General Purpose PvP On Metin2 healer

Here you is the best place for you to buy cheapest Metin2 gold. With decent speed, you should be able to put some distance between yourself and the nuker. Once your combat time has run out, heal for 428HP and allow the nuker to attack you to keep his/her combat timer at 18 seconds while keeping yours at 4 second.

Once your HP is fully heal in Metin2, time another out of combat heal and enage the nuker. This will offer you with 428HP recovery for the next 15 second nullifying any damage the nuker throws at you. Repeat this process and you should beat most nukers, if they fall into repeat cycle and this rinse(metin2 yang). You can also run into any area affecting LOS. 90% of the time, the nuker will get frustrated and try to do melee damage to you. Calculate where he/she is headed and cut across as some warriors will pretend to run away to let you come to them. He or she will turn back toward you to close the distance gap much quicker and you don't want this. Rinse and repeat until 12KP HP is depleted and warrior is on the ground.

You should allow another team mate to engage the hybrid to attract her or his attention(metin yang), while you nuke from behind the hybrid. The hybrid will not find or know he/she is even being hit because your nukes are invisible. You can target all hybrids first, because they are the ones stop your team mate from doing their part. Run and gun, do not let your own HP fall below 50% before going out of combat to use full 428HP heals. Use the same strategy you would do with nukers, but remember to chip away at his/her HP. Always focus on your target and at the moment he/she turns to run away, chase and attack, but do not chase them directly. Thanks for your reading and have a good time.You can buy yang.


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