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You Can Find a Date for Your Pet

Dragon Oath Gold, the Free-to-Play Martial Arts Fantasy MMORPG, added an interesting new feature to its newly-released expansion Age of Destiny – “In-game Classifieds”, which allows players to connect with each another in a new way. 

Dragon Oath Gold players will now be able to create advertisements for a spouse, a master, an apprentice, guild members, or kin that list their preferences of Gender, Class, Level and many more! Other players can help improve these advertisements by voting on them! Instead of just having player-to-player relations, players can also make a classifieds in the game to help their pets to partner with other pets so that the mating process would be smoother.

This addition will definitely allow players to get an in-depth understanding Dragon Oath Gold of each another so that alliances can more easily be made in the game.

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