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Asda Story EU Server Players Unable to transfered

Asda Story, a f2p anime-styled mmo game developed by MaxOn Soft Corp and published by GamesCampus for the North American market and Dragon Oath Gold Play Media Group for the European market, run into a contractual issue, being forced to close the EU Servers. According to GamesCampus’s announcement on March 31.

“Asda Story European (EU) service has been forced to close due to contractual issues between the developers of Asda Story, MaxOn Soft, and the publishers of Asda Story EU. We would like to warmly welcome players of Asda Story EU to Asda Story US, which is published by GamesCampus, and Dragon Oath Gold we sincerely hope you enjoy your stay with us in the years to come.” said GamesCampus.

The nature of the relationship between publishers and third party developers is such that a publishing company, such as GamesCampus in the case of Asda Story US service, will license the rights to operate a game’s service for a certain region from the game’s developers, in the case of all Asda Story services, MaxOn Soft. GamesCampus and Asda Story US have no affiliation whatsoever with the former publishers of Asda Story EU, and Dragon Oath Gold their forced service closure has no affect on the current stability or future growth of Asda Story US.

In the past few months Asda Story US service has more than doubled in size, and Dragon Oath Gold due to its continued success MaxOn Soft has decided not to seek a new publisher to restart another EU-restricted service from the beginning.

“Unfortunately as the previous publisher of Asda Story EU owns the rights to their EU-specific database information we are unable to transfer character, item, or purchased credit information over from their service. ” said GamesCampus. “We are however currently working on acquiring the user lists necessary which will allow us to provide Asda Story EU players with a number of item packages for your new GamesCampus characters based on your EU character’s level information.

We will announce further information as soon as possible along with instructions on how our new players from Asda EU will be able to receive their starter gifts to make your transitions into Asda Story US more enjoyable.”

“Once again, we would like to wholeheartedly welcome you to the GamesCampus family, and look forward to playing with you all in the years ahead. Please keep an eye on the News and Events sections for further information regarding the item packages we’ll be preparing for former Asda Story EU players. ” the Gamescampus portal told its dear players.
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