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Another Cross Class Q in RF

Hey guys, now here  give you a guide for all the players. I think it will be helpful for RF Online Gold players. Hope you will like it. 

This combo really doesn''t shine until level(RF Online Gold) 40+ where it explodes into something beastly and at 50 it becomes downright brutal. Since you base is warrior you will want to go defense, had your base been ranger we would say go dodge but either works really - they just involve different play styles. Make sure to keep your pts high.

Remember that as soon as everyone figures out that you are a debuffer they will go for you first, so have heavy melee armor, shield, and counter attack all at the ready. If you really want to annoy them also get some defense chargers (+50% defense for 5 minutes). Here is the best online website for players to buy RF Online Gold service.

Your survivability like this is actually vastly better than a dodger as all those nasty little things that ruin dodge players have a much harder time killing defense players. Keep in mind that you will be a cross class - so you will never be as good of a tank as a Merc or hit as hard as an Assualter, or be able tospeed/rez people as a pure spec would. But that doesn''t mean it''s bad at all.

Since you would have tier 2/3 skills you can actually deal some damage where a pure spec would be locked in to lousy tier 1 skills and honestly would have no business ever attacking. It''s a hybrid class and so you have to make up for your lack of focus with ingenuity and resourcefulness. The Spec/Merc alt is a blast to play and is by no means bad. Not to mention people get extremely confused when they see my use a Tier 3 skill and follow it up with a web grenade

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