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Buygevis is supplying

Buygevis is supplying Granado Espada gold service. We are a virtual item and currency service provider for massive multiplayer online game (MMORPG) on the Internet, currently offers both Granado Espada Vis and Granado Power Leveling services as well as a trading platform. In order to meet the demand of game players to buy game items, The delivery of Granado Espada gold usually be done in 15 minutes~24 hours.If there's any question, please contact our 24/7 live support for help. Our professional levelers also can level up your character both for 24/7 non-stop

 Granado Espada gold (GE) distinguishes itself from many modern-day MMORPGs with its Multiple Character Control (MCC) system. Rather than playing one character at a time, or using two clients to do so, a player may control a party of up to three characters in a single gaming session. This party play aspect of the game gives Granado Espada (GE) more of the feel of traditional, non-networked console and PC RPGs. The character order may be set within the Barracks at the beginning of the game, and Granado Espada vis any member of the party can be selected to lead the other characters or act alone at any time throughout the game. The other two characters can be commanded to follow or attend the lead character as the party moves through a given area.

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