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Warrior Build Guide for Dragon Ball Online Players

Here is a build guide for Dragon Ball Online worriors' reference , please have a look and hope it does some help !

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1. Con: I would say that this is the third most important stat to str build warriors. Dex is low in most str builds but it isn’t totally neglected.

Con in Dragon Ball Online Gold game is often a problem for us since it’s hard to maintain a decent con while trying to build high str. My answer is what is above.

Put your con at 25 and raise it to 30 by Opening chi, then leave it alone until Revolving chakra. Here you raise it to 40 and with relics, buffs and maybe a few other items it should be fine (even without buffs) until SM and GB lvls where it has to be at least 50~60.

2. Dex: Many say that the dex build would benefit more but I’ve tested both. Even though I found the cirtical hits nice and the dodge ok I preferred the str build for it’s hard hitting perspective and nice defence in Dragon Ball Online Gold.

With higher Str I just get the job done faster and take less hits in the process. When comparing the two I just found myself lasting longer with the str build than the dex build. What may annoy you about this build is the frequent misses that will happen at higher lvls due to your low dex.

But usually people tell you to add the minimum requirement for your wep into dex, but this can get annoying after awhile because of the sudden jumps in the requirement .

Instead I follow lentz table of dexterity which says to add +4 at every 12th cheng of lvl and +6 dex at chi breathing (6+4=10 hmm basic math O.o) Basically your dex will be 40 at OC1, 50 at RC, 60 at RL, 70 at FD and so on. T

his way your slightly ahead of the weapon requirement and you can spend some well earned points into your str rather than worring about your dex.

3. Essence: put it to 12 and leave it. This covers any relic requirement until RL1 I think .

Many builds say to leave this at 8 but unless you love to med every 5 seconds after lightfoot, your med skill, and smashes which take a lot of mp have fun. Without items to cover up the low ess you’ll constantly be medding.

4. Strength: The main stat of this guide. Max it out first. A lot of balanced or dex users may argue but they cannot deny the faster levelling results and the beautiful damage reduction of the defence gained by str.

5. Wisdom: warriors rarely need this. It’s only use is for relic requirements. I would leave this at 8 at OC1, then I would add two points to meet the requirements of relics by RC (Revolving Chakra), FD (Five Dragons) and EC (Elemental Crown), (requirements are 10, and 12 as stated above).

I do catch glimpse of guides that instruct you to raise this stat for relics but very few people seem to understand how much it helps to have em equipped to cover your low stats .


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