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Champions Online interview

I recently had a chance to ask Bill Roper, the Design Director and Executive Produce of Champions Online, a few questions about the upcoming superhero MMO. You can find the Champions Online interview below.

Q1) Since this is a super-hero game, will players be able to have a side kick?

The side-kicking system in Champions Online allows younger, less experienced heroes to temporarily increase the effective levels of their powers to be able to adventure with a more Champions Online Gold hero. Conversely, those superheroes with greater powers can “tone things down” to play on an even level with their less-powerful friends.

Q2) How soon will players get their travel abilities?

Heroes gain their first travel power at level 5, right after helping resolve the crisis in Millennium City. In order to allow for more flexibility in character design and role-playing, heroes have the chance to gain a second travel power becomes available at level 35!

Q3) If I make a melee character without a flying ability, will I be screwed in PvP when fighting someone that can fly and has a ranged attack?

We’re doing a lot of balancing right now to avoid just this sort of issue. Melee classes have attacks they can use at range (such as ripping up hunks of the ground to throw at enemies) – most of which knock their target out of their travel powers. This is especially nasty when used against a flying opponent.

Q4) How will teleporting work in combat, PvP and PvE. Seems like a very powerful power.

All of the travel powers are powerful in their own right, so every travel power has what we call “gears” associated with it. Heroes move fastest when they are completely out of combat, slower when being attacked but trying to escape, and slowest when actively participating in combat. Teleport has limitation on how far you can teleport and how frequently based on which of these “gears” the hero is in.

Q5) How will XP be divided amongst healers, tanks and Champions Gold character? Will it be based off the amount of damage done only?

We not only track the amount of damage done and damage taken by a hero, but we also track how many points of damage a hero heals – both on themselves and on others. We make sure that proper credit is given to supportive heroes in both PvE and PvP in this regarding, making the choice of playing a hero that focuses on aiding others just as rewarding.


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