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Land of Chaos Online Closed Beta Starts

We have written many times about the Land of Chaos Online massively multiplayer online role playing game. The LOCO MMORPG will begin it’s first closed beta test. The Land of Chaos MMORPG is a popular one in other countries and highly anticipated in North America. Danal Entertainment and KTH are anticipating heavy demand and needs all closed beta applications to be received. 

Land of Chaos Online

The most people that the light never disappears. However, the sleeping forest being forgotten as an old fairy tale awakes. The sealed darkness at the end of the abyss is rising up on the earth. When the whole forgotten legend has become truth. The final war between the earth and the sky has been started by burning the light Loco Gold.

Finally the free expansion Assault on Balaura has launched, but more problems came. Firstly we spent much time updating our client and fixing the patch error. When waiting for the downloading, we visited the official forum and found ppl talking about the Rifting nerf. The rifting nerf is real. A 80% damage reduction in Eltnen and Loco. A 40% damage reduction in Belusan and Heroin.And from the patch notes, obviously NCsoft just focus on the PVE content. The rifting nerf could be seen as the killer of PVP. Of course PVE players will like the new expansion, but not the PVP fans.

We thought that this time the free expansion will attract some old players, but now we are not sure about this. We collected some players’ comments, from which you could find how disappointed they are: "It appears that rifting was in the Korean version of the game fairly badly. Hat’s 76% of the Korean players commenting that a defense buff protecting people from twinks is not needed. However, we do know that there is a defense buff to protect individuals from twinks in Morheim/Eltnen and Beluslan/Heiron. The goal of this move appears to be to force twinks into either the Abyss for PvP or towards the end game rifting in Balaurea.

Located outside of Shattrath City, by Silmyr Lake’s shore is the new NPC, Old Man Barlo, a human, who gives the Fishing daily quest. The quest that he gives is random for each day, among 5 kinds of Fishing quests that he can give Loco Coins. These quests are very easy to do, all you need is a fishing pole and sufficient fishing skill to fish in Land of Chaos Online.

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