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All Points Bulletin : One Girl's Opinion's Angie Webb recently had some hands-on time with Realtime Worlds' All Points Bulletin Gold. One of her assignments was to write an article based on her own unique perspective as a female gamer.

This one's for the girls.Boys, you are welcome to read this, but I was asked to write about All Points Bulletin Gold from a girl's point of view, and I should tell you now that I'm a girlie girl. I like the color pink and shiny things, and I believe that the booth babes, as beautiful as they might be, are not the best part of a gaming convention. I expect my opinions to be a bit "unconventional" for this site, but lots of women play MMOs, and I'm one of them and All Points Bulletin Gold in a slightly different way than guys do. And our interests and concerns are poorly served in the industry. In this article I'm going to talk about the things that I (the girly girl) liked about APB: the character creation, customization, and bits of the game itself (shooting people in the face).

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