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Second order skills in Aika Online

Aika is a very fun game. If you have some leisure time, you can go to play this with aika gold. Now I will give you some skills to help you finishing task.
Seal heart cut: the physical damage to the enemy and ignore the threat within a certain period of time to attack the enemy coming to you crazy.
The ability is to pull strange Paladin force skills in the game, single brush friends to point some points on the point, because the attack power of skills are knights fighting monster high harm. The second is light royal shied. Shield when attacked with a focus on defense to harm reduction this ability is some damage reduction skills buff initial injury against 2 attacks strength around 28%. This skill points higher percentage increase in the number of increased harm.
Knights can ignore the single brush and brush less than monsters. Irony of the hit: all attacks have increased to the threat value. The ability is to increase hatred for the useful skills. You can go to fight Paladin single. The next is Eucharistic devotion. Sacred combination with one team, and to bear part of its injury, the ability is damage our planet skills.
Call shield themselves within a specified time there will be some chance of complete resistance to attack skills.
This is my experience and I hope I can help you more or less and you have a good time in the game. Of course, you can own more aika gold.
At last, I wish you have a good patience, because no all skills to earn aika goldcan be very easy to learn. At most time, you need try many times.

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