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Paths In Telara: Take me to the River Part 1

RIFT like I did? Again, I hope you did.Rift Gold and play for a weekend. It is a very clever stroke. They were giving players what they wanted and showing off their goods and their community to non pl..


Rift Producer Explains Upcoming Balance Changes

Rifts Soul system, the balance part can tend to be a little trickier than most. With the upcoming 1.1 patch, several Souls will be getting some balance work and as you might expect, the forums are abl..


RIFT: Good for the Soul 1

RIFT has been on the market for almost six months now. Its been an incredible half year for the MMO and its developers Trion Worlds, catapulting them and their game from obscurity into an overnight su..


The Story of RIFT

RIFT, the new MMO from Trion Worlds and we also had the chance to sit down and speak with lead content developer William Cook at the launch event. Weve been quietly excited about RIFT for some time, h..


Will Trion World’s Rift online game kill World of WarCraft?

Rift: Planes of Telara, will be a World of WarCraft killer. Indeed, many makers of massively multiplayer online games have tried to knock out Blizzard Entertainments online subscription game, but WoW ..


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