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Kabod Online Developer Explained Featured Adult Elements

The adults-only online game Kabod Online is scheduled to start its first closed beta, second closed beta in September, pre-open beta in November, and open beta in winter. The game has been exported to Hong Kong, and its operation in other countries is also being negotiated. To dig out more info about Kabod Online, an MMORPG characterized by abundant adult elements, the South Korean game media have recently done an interview with Eom Jae Won, CEO of Kabod Online's developer - Kabod Entertainment.

"We wish to make a 'stimulating' game to adults' taste."

Interviewer: What kind of game is Kabod Online on earth?
Eom Jae Won: Based on the traditional MMORPG content, Kabod Online integrates many adult elements, including "violence", "eroticism" and "gambling".

Interviewer: Compared to other countries, South Korea seems to have a relatively negative understanding about the adult culture. What do you think in this respect?
Eom Jae Won: Let me give you a simple example! Some people are fond of films that contain extremely violent and erotic contents, while some are sick of these. Such is also the case with games. We always wish to generate real adult games for those fond of the adult culture, and Kabod Online is just a result of such thought.

Interviewer: As is the case with Vindictus (aka "Mabigino: Heroes"), Kabod Online(Kabod Gold) also introduces the "Cloth Ripping System". Can you give us a brief introduction about this system?
Eom Jae Won: All clothes (inc. armors) in Kabod Online have certain durability, and will be damaged differently as their durability decreases by 30%, 60% and 100%. The "Cloth Ripping System" applies to not only the in-game characters but also the monsters.

Interviewer: Would you introduce the in-game "Criminal System" briefly?
Eom Jae Won: The "Criminal System" is one of the core systems in Kabod Online, which allows players to choose to commit crimes or not. In the game, players can not only kill others, but also loot the items of the killed characters and thus become criminals. Criminals cannot trade in common villages, and will be chased by the NPC "Criminal's Bane". But as there's always a way out, criminals can trade in the loots in the "Lawless Village". Those tired of crimes can also revert to common players by means of the "Penitence" feature in the game.

Of course, newbies will be protected particularly, and there're also non-PvP areas in the game. Moreover, common players can arrest the criminals by themselves, or employ "Criminal's Bane" as their bodyguard. With "Criminal's Bane" employed, players' items won't be looted even though they are killed.

Interviewer: It's formerly reported that Kabod Online allowed players to have "body contact" with NPCs. Is it true?

Eom Jae Won: The NPCs in Kabod Online won't stand still and offer quests simply like those in other MMORPGs. Instead, Kabod Online allows players to assault NPCs, date NPCs of the opposite sex, and make investment for the NPC merchants or rob them.

In Kabod Online, players can do quests to improve the intimacy with the NPC of the opposite sex. When the intimacy degree reaches a certain level, the related NPC will endow players with certain buff effects or have "body contact" with them. The extent of "body contact" depends on the game's particular operating area.

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