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Forsaken World announces the Edward Class

Fans of Forsaken World rejoice! Perfect World Entertainment has hear your clamor for new classes, and even though the game is less than a month old, today they revealed the first class they are adding to the game.

Perfect World Entertainment is pleased to unveil a new Forsaken World class, design to complement the existing Vampire class. One of the most requested classes in the world, players will know the new class on a first name basis, the Edward class. With their cool gaze and bad-boy mystique, the Edward class is the complete Vampire package.

The Edward class features such skills as(Forsaken World Gold):

- Hair Evade (Passive) – A 20% increase to evasion against females

- Socialite (Active) – 100% chance to stun any females within a 5m radius

- Wolfsbane (Passive) – Any wolf or werewolf creatures will automatically turn aggressive to you

- Sparkle (Passive) – Sparkle effect will automatically activate in any well-lit areas

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