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EVE Trading Guide2

There is a guide to teach most of the players online both young and old how to profit from trading within Eve Isk so that you too can get in on this lucrative profession.

It is for sure that trading is the most profitable path to go down within Eve online. But it is mostly the hardest. The simplest method to make money from trading is as follows: buy low and sell  Eve Isk  high. More often than not, this is easily done when you trade NPC goods like Frozen Food, Antibiotics, Water and the like. But you'll make very little money from it because of the sheer simplicity of this. It's likely that things get interesting when you start trading the player-made items.

Within  Eve Isk , the markets are run using buy orders and sell orders. It is to say that you want to buy a shuttle but you only have 15k isk. You would place a buy order for that shuttle stating the price you are willing to pay. Then people can come along and fulfill that buy order by selling straight to it.

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