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eve isk----Perfect Symbol

Even from afar the partially built space complex showed all the signs of being a place of science. The circular
shape representing eternity was a good omen to Ariko Cumin. Maybe the punishment her father had intended for her
by sending her here would turn out to be a blessing in disguise about EVE ISK. Ariko felt her spirit lift, for the
first time in weeks. Maybe this would not hurt her career as much as she had feared.
The powerful cruiser she was traveling on made slight adjustments to its direction vectors as it entered the
docking procedure, sliding majestically towards the station that already loomed large despite being only half
finished. Other ships were cruising around the station, some waiting to dock, others outward bounds. Ariko noticed
that many of the ships were Gallentean and despite herself she gave a shudder; like all Caldari children she had
meticulously studied the war between her own people and the Gallenteans.
The ninety years since the war ended had done little to ease the apprehension any Caldari felt in the presence of
a Gallentean, even for those, like Ariko, that had never experienced the war personally about EVE ISK. The war
stories were all-too vivid in her mind to be at ease and she felt her small fists bunch. As the ship eased into
its berth, groaning to a halt as the docking arms grabbed it and embraced, Ariko had to utter a few mind mantras
under her breath to calm her nerves about EVE ISK. She should be calm when entering her new place of work, duty
dictated it. The place was a total chaos and it took Ariko several hours to sort out the locations of her
workplace and living quarters. By the time she entered the room assigned to her she was exhausted about EVE ISK.

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