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Dekaron EUR service migration to GAMEHI

On Mid-September, Dekaron EU presently hosted by GameTribe will be migrated to the new Dekaron Dil Europe service, starting the same day and directly hosted by GameHi. GameTribe will no more offer Dekaron as a game of its portfolio.

All the characters created before September 14 will be frozen. You will be able to reactivate them on GameHi servers by accessing your GameTribe account page and by following the instruction to migrate your Dekaron Dil game account. You'll be brought to the new service homepage, where you'll be able to register and recover your account and character. Further information and details on the procedure will be communicated buy dekaron dils from .

Dekaron Dil game account creation will be unavailable on GameTribe starting from September 14.

The migration process will include all stats, in-game possessions, Kash items and residual Kash on your game account.
Be careful: Starting from September 14 it will be impossible to allocate GameTribe Kash to Dekaron Dil, so please make sure that you have assigned all the virtual currency you want on the game before that day.

Your GameTribe main account will not be deleted, together with all the other game accounts. Dekaron Dil  game account will not be accessible anymore on GameTribe interface after the migration is successful. If you want to delete GameTribe main account, or other game accounts, you will need to do it manually from the account management section of the website.if you need buy dekaron powerleveling can help you a lot .

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