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Dekaron Skill tree: The Heal tree

Healing Mastery-This skill in Dekaron Dil increases your passive mana regeneration, and most players decide to max this early on for that reason.Self healing-This is a good skill to use while grinding..


About Dekaron Dil is a popular free-to-play action MMORPGs money. It was develop by Gamehi Company in Korea. Dekaron is a fusion-fantasy 3D MMORPG set in a violent, m..


Dekaron EUR service migration to GAMEHI

Dekaron Dil Europe service, starting the same day and directly hosted by GameHi. GameTribe will no more offer Dekaron as a game of its portfolio.Dekaron Dilgame account. Youll be brought to the new se..


Dekaron Dil

Dekaron Dil Dekaron Gold selling. We just provide the lowest price and the best service. We are 24/7 online. If you have any problem with buying Dekaron Gold and Dekaron Dil, please contact us anytime..


The Advantages of Using poison in Dekaron

MMORPG . As aDekaron player , Do you know why only use poison not use other element ? I found this article from other site , Credits to k4kashiiii , No more talk , Lets begin :1) As you know , there a..


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