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With Your Destiny Overview

1. Ancient times With Your Destiny

since the formation of Heaven and Earth, the pan-Wai human activities are increasingly larger. And through the use of underground resources began to spread of the continent as a whole. Angels as a messenger of God, on behalf of God's will, and between human and help them to get Wyd Gold.

gradually, in various parts of the mainland through the absorption of all ethnic groups and cultural integration, formed a national centre for the system, and this led in the development of the political, scientific, artistic, economic and religious renaissance.

2. Gods of war in Wyd Gold

God's love for mankind is a special, but for some angel, is the opposite.

living in black Carote (hekhalloth) classes to help God's angel groups who have complained, and bring to Chitian so that the Angels were led by the rebels, leading to the Battle of the sky. The sky is the first to understand the structure of anti-Luanjun prevail, but the rebel angel was finally subsided by the archangel Kafma.

3. Mainland war in Wyd Gold

because of the war in the sky, creating the world's secrets and the sky was unknown number of secret industry spread to people. This has to have a highly developed technology and created a brilliant culture of industry has brought great changes with Wyd Gold.

People of God and the existence of heaven from the worship of the study, as has become like. And the tree of life (Sephira) had a magical forces of civilization and the forces through its attempt to bring about a more than God's purpose.

The Magic City "card company," the palace demons division in Chennai, Infosys and the sky led war against the Xiadian Luanjun collusion, in God's holy sites of Al-site center-provoking war.

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