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Politics Today, Server Invasions in the Future

Blue Hole's CEO Kang-Suk Kim talks about his vision for the game and reveals the G*Star 2010 TERA trailer.

Blue Hole's CEO Kang-Suk Kim's appeared at G*Star 2010 press event to talk about TERA's future. First, let's take a look at TERA's beautiful G*Star 2010 trailer. It was made with actual gameplay footage.

The public has always felt that TERA is full of potential. BHS's CEO stated, "There was a lot of pressure on a brand new development company like Blue Hole Studio, but we feel we have shown a unique take on the development of MMOs with TERA."

He also admitted to agreeing with some of the Tera Gold' criticism. Since TERA was developed to be a blockbuster MMORPG, the developers were looking to create a unique game with polish and game play of epic proportions. They also needed recognition from the greater gaming community as the "new" game to look out for in the future.

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During CBT3, the players felt that there was not enough content in-game and the developers believed that one or two new additions to the game would not be enough to satisfy the community.

However, the new client has improved upon many of the features the players wanted fixed and the game has become a lot more polished. The CEO of Bluehole said, "This version will be nothing like the game you played during CBT3, the new TERA awaits you all."

The new TERA?

For a long time, the non-targeting system was Tera Gold's most marketed feature, but from now on the game will be marketed as using a 'Free Targeting System'. In-game combat itself will be fun and this should draw new players towards the game. The combat system should have easy to use controls and unusual monster patterns will keep players alert. The developers hope to deliver a partying system where strategies really matter and work well.

Blue Hole really worked hard to fix the static gameplay that was seen in CBT3. Better combat controls, increased combat speed, more intuitive camera angles and many situational skills have all been added to the client in order to create a more dynamic gaming experience. 

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