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An interesting contest for the artistic community Tera Gold! We can talk in this thread.Here is the news of the contest translated, you can find the orignal are here.We are proud to announce our first art contest! The fan who likes Tera Gold  art and we really like you guys have done fantastic work in the past, so we want to highlight the artists in the community by publishing a newsletter of your work in June.


How to participate:


1.Posta your entry in the contest forum thread, do it with an image included in the post. If the image is too large or break the layout of the forum, link it.


2.Posta one sentence summary about yourself as an artist. For example: "BrotherMagneto studied art since the 6 years and Tera Gold draws inspiration from the pre-Raphaelite, especially Waterhouse."


That's it! Will select the winner in the next two weeks are posting a short "about the author" in the newsletter.

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