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Talisman Online Interview: Going In-Depth on Features 2

Onrpg: First of all, why should players stop and take a look at your game when there are many other MMOs out there. What makes Talisman Online stand out? What are some of its unique features?
Thanks for asking my favourite questionJ. We always ask ourselves why a player would choose a specific MMORPG. Is it a game with fascinating visual and audio effects? Or is the game a great place to know people and play together? Or is the game providing a combined experience that brings many emotions to the players? TO is a combination of all above and we do feel there are more about this game.


- l Let's start with high performance and low criteria - TO is a 3D MMORPG with perfect visual effects. In the meantime, TO is a game has minimum client end software (253MB), moreover, TO has the minimum requirement on a player's PC or laptop.
- l New Player Friendly -TO is a game that you can learn to play in 10 minutes. I am not saying you will become an expert after 10 minutes, but 10 minutes will make sure you have good understanding of the game terms and logics, thus would enable a player to easily dig further. Also, there is more consideration on rules in the game, to ensure a nice environment for newbies.
- l TO community - We have so many players, and they are coming from every corner of the world. In our latest survey, most of our players are taking great pleasure in meeting and making friends from all over the world. Many kinds of online and offline friendship were formed.


Onrpg: What kind of audience does your Talisman Gold appeal to? (Kids, Adults, Hardcore, Casual)
I would say everyone. We have a good coverage of all ages among players. And there are some interesting in-game teams formed by couples, mother and son, grandmother and grandson... Also, we have expert level players who are able to give us consultation and advices on game features, and we have casual players who just enjoy the pure interactive.


Onrpg: You are able to customize your character when starting the game. There are quite a few classes and options to choose between. However some classes are gender locked. What is the idea behind this?
Glad that you noticed that. Some classes are gender locked, such as Monk. And some are not, like Wizard. And there is a plan to release the other gender for certain class in the future.


Onrpg: Why does the interface look very similar to World of Warcraft? Is it true this game was the first WoW Clone? I am not saying this is a bad thing.
I don't think Talisman Gold is that much a WoW clone. First of all, I agree your observation on the user interface. I would say WoW has originated the design of a very convenient user operation panel, which provides an integrated function for users to operate and inquire the game info. I think any game with the respect of the user's experience will naturally adopt the best practice. In the meantime, I believe any player who has experience on both games will be able to tell the difference. TO has the unique essence and the game philosophy. Maybe the best way to illustrate that is our TO slogan, Talisman to Survival, Teamwork to Victory. Perfect talismans and trustworthy friends, that's what one would dream for in the game.


Finally, I think everyone would agree that pure cloning won't make a great game. To make TO a really outstanding game, our game designers and developers are working collaboratively, to keep TO's unique experience and balance. Moreover, we regard ourselves more as a host instead of a simple game company; we hope to offer full experience with all kinds of emotions, both online and offline.


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