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Heavenly Sword 2 - New Details Emerge

This article is a Leveling Guide for Mage in Sword of the New World Vis. It introduce how to level up as soon as possible in Sword of the New World Vis . If you are interested in that, read the following information. Hope you like it...

Leveling Stats
The primary stat you will want to focus on while leveling is intellect, the more Sword of the New World Vis  you have the more mobs you can kill before drinking. Spell power is also a useful stat while leveling, but there isn't a whole lot of it available until you reach Outland,.

so focus more on stamina as your secondary priority until you reach Outland. Spirit can also be useful while leveling because it will help regenerate your mana between pulls, or while casting if you use Mage Armor or have Arcane Meditation, but do not make it a priority over intellect.

Leveling Strategy:
The basic sequence is this:

bolt, bolt, bolt, frost nova, strafe to max range, bolt till low snw vis. Once the mob is at low hp use your wand to finish off the mob and not Fireblast, especially not Fireblast, or any other mana using ability if you can avoid it in Sword of the New World Vis game.


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