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Conquer the Fire Temple in Rohan

In Rohan, Assassins are designed with low defense, high evasion and strong melee attack. It is widely acknowledged that they are the main damage producers. Also Assassins HP was augmented greatly when V1.5 was updated, with the help of advanced equipment and Chanters buffs, thus they can also act as main tanks or off-tanks aside from causing damage.

More is that they can not cause continuous damage. Then the number of Gladiators and Assassins has been increasing sharply and each class(rohan gold) function is not determined clearly. The 2.0 should pay attention to improving this aspect. In V1.5, ancient relics were added in the Abyss system where Abyss Points can only be gained through racial wars, but they were also updated in instances, so players can even acquire Abyss equipment by only lingering on instances.

In short, Templers only simply act as a GPS class(rohan crone). To increase their hatred value or to strengthen monsters is the easiest way of boosting Templers, so other classes can not take the place of their tank role. Gladiators that could equip various weapons were off-tanks originally. However, a common weapon in the hands, they began treatment and control of large-scale destruction of hatred. In addition, the release of aoe with high defense and skills, they can protect the healing classes in most cases. By the way, here we provide you Rohan powerleveling.


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