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Players can learn every skills available

Loong is a chinese 3D MMORPG based on ancient Chinese Culture, where the world creator Pangu created the game world with 3 unique different Human races. By playing Loong, you can select two overwhelming factions in each Human Races.

By creating the 3D MMORPG, the designer has no state-of-art storyline for the game, while Loong mainly depicts how the ancient mythology China looks and how the world will be evolving day by day.
Literally, Loong means Dragon In Chinese character, according to official press release(Loong Gold), this Chinese local MMORPG will be launched in 30 localized version. The Chinese version will be first introduced, later following by English, Egyptian, French, Taiwan and more.

Game features:

There will be no specific classes, Players can learn every skills available as long as they reach the requirements.

- Divine beast system allows players to keep Divine Beasts as pets, which will eventually grow into a mount and aid the players in battles, buffing and attacking, and also picking up loots(Loong Online Gold).

High AI mobs is boosted as one of the game’s main features. Mobs will be much trickier than other MMOs, so players can be in for a tough yet exciting fight.

Transformable weapons system allows players to gain new looks for their weapons if a full set of equipments is collect, or certain requirements are met(Cheap Loong Gold).


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