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Identical trinkets share the same cool-down

Let me give you the full list as an example; All Bombs, Dynamite, Goblin Sapper Charges, Goblin Mortar, Portable Bronze Mortar, the Gnomish Death Ray, Goblin Bomb Dispenser, Goblin Dragon Gun, Goblin Land Mine, Explosive Sheep, Gnomish Flame Turret, Discomboulator Ray and Compact Harvest Reaper Kit lock each other out for 1 minute.

Summoning a Target Dummy locks out other target dummies, Minor/Major Recombobulator and the Gnomish Alarm-O-Bot(Cheap Loong Gold).

Summoned engineering pets are aggressive and will engage any nearby hostile targets, which can make them a liability at times(Loong Gold).

Identical trinkets share the same cool-down. (Making two shrink rays will not allow you to use them in succession; they will both get the 5 minute cool-down after using one)

Chapter 5 has further information on trinkets and gadgets, including their shared cool-downs.

The 3D masterpiece of DACN will launch final CBT (Loong Online Gold) since. Several days ago, the European online gaming giant - GAMIGO has been authorized to publish Loong Online on EU territory. It's an exciting news for global online game lovers, thus Loong Online will be launched in more than 30 countries, including Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, and all EU countries with more than 10 language versions. It's reported DACN will decide publishers in Korea, Japan, Russia, South-Eastern Asia, Middle East Arab spoken regions very soon.

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