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Land of Chaos Online News
LOCO Guide for Changing Characters Slot

Land of Chaos Online).loco gold), after 4 levels (level 1,5,9,13,17) your equipement will be changed, if you want to change your weapon with aother weapon of the same level you have to press the tab b..


Land of Chaos Online Closed Beta Starts

Land of Chaos Online massively multiplayer online role playing game. The LOCO MMORPG will begin its first closed beta test. The Land of Chaos MMORPG is a popular one in other countries and highly anti..


Land of Chaos Online coming to North America

Land of Chaos Online last October promised the localization of the Korean tactical action MMOG in North America. Publisher burda:ic announced their plans to bring their alaplaya gaming portal to the U..


Land of Chaos Online Introduces Assassin, Partizan, Next Week

LOCO Land of Chaos Online next week. Players will be able to experience firsthand the power behind this merciless heros ranged attacks starting on Thursday, Oct. 12.Land of Chaos Online Gold to end h..


LOCO Hero Randy Rozz Review

LOCO open only the role of the use of firearms. With pistols and rifles equipped Randy Rozz is the long-distance hero. Rubber Tip and Chain trouble is the distance in the fighting skills of a very eff..


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