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Archer Guide Of Last Chaos

Dwarves are granted a +4 attack bonus when using an axe, in addition. When you choose a level one fighter at your sixth level after 5 of Barb, you can choose 2 handed proficiency which greatly increases your chance of increased damage when using a 2 handed weapon.

So, really you are just piling on the benefits of using this specific weapon(last chaos gold). You are a serious DD, as well as being very fast, agile and able to jump and swim places most people can not dream of going.

An added bonus about adding a level of fighter at your sixth level, you are able to pick up cleave, and improved sunder. Cleave is basically an AOE attack. You can attack multiple enemies in your range, and the recharge is only 5 seconds. This has a great impact on battles. We have been told by many tabletop lastchaos gold players cleave was not such a big deal in that form, but in DDO Stormreach it is amazing.

Also, while Barbs have Sunder, Improved oved Sunder grants you a much higher chance of reducing an opponent's armor level. Considering the recharge on this skill is only 10 seconds, combine your normal attacks with regular cleaves and improved sunder attempts and you have created a monster fighter.You can buy last chaos gold.

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