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a Last Chaos player

As a Last Chaos player, sometimes you may need Last Chaos powerleveling, the price is low. Here we would like to provide you some useful information on Passwords- bloodlust and I got it from other websites, hope it could do great help to you.

- Super Attack Speed allows you to Attack faster

- Super Run Speed allows you to run faster.

- 2X Range Increases your attack range, so you can attack from far away. Here you can get the cheapest last chaos gold.

- Custom Attack Speed allows you to set your own attack speed, the Lower the number the Faster you attack

- Custom Run Speed allows you to set your own Run Speed, the Higher the number the Faster you run

- Custom Range allows you to set your own range, the the Higher the number the Longer the Range

- PvP Health Bar allows you to see another players Health

- Super Skill makes your skills go faster, it doesn't affect the skill(lastchaos gold) reload time

- Pet trainer Causes you to attack slower so your battle will last longer

- How many people see me? Tells you how many people are on your radar

- Auto TurnOff Automatically turns off the hacks if you are spotted

- Notify Me if Seen Tells you if someone is on your radar

This only works with ranged characters (Healers, Mages and Rouges)You can buy last chaos gold.

Only for Platinum Trainer!

Thanks for your reading and have a good hunting.

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