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Elsword Magician class for you

This article will introduce some useful information on Item Investigations in Elsword. If you want to know some relevant information, please read the following information and enjoy your Elsword gold.

As you may already know, the balance of Elsword Online is of the utmost importance to us here at Gamers. First. It is one of our primary goals to ensure that all players have a safe, fun environment in which to play. This can mean two things Caddressing imbalances at the game level by implementing Elsword ED, or by using GMs to prevent or curb illegal activity when individuals engage in activities that fall outside of our Terms of Service. While we never want to have to perform these difficult tasks, they are vitally important in ensuring the longevity and continued fun of the game. To that end, in recent weeks you have taken actions on a number of accounts in possession of highly valuable unique armors, weapons and accessories which had no upgrade history.

You should realize that not everyone in possession of one of these unverifiable items may have had a hand in their Elsword. During our investigation you went to great lengths to determine the accounts responsible for the creation of these "unverifiable" items Cthese accounts have now been blocked. If you merely bought one of these items, then the offending item has been deleted, but your account will remain active. While we offer our most heartfelt apologies to anyone who traded a high amount of Noah in exchange for one of these unverifiable items, their creation violates the TOS and they will under no circumstances be returned. This is to ensure the continued fairness and balance for all players.

While many living up north enjoyed their white Christmas, many others are ready for all the snow to go away already. In the Elsword, it would appear that this Dwarf is either well into his holiday cups, or just feels like attacking snowmen to take his frustration out against the winter. This fun little snowman was found by Florin E., who writes in to tell us about it: I just saw the Easter egg little castle of sand and I am really excited. I am going to find it by myself, I love this. I do not know if you have already published this Easter egg. Long time ago I was farming ore near Thorin Gate and I found this snowman. Note: you can also see a little Elsword Gold in the Matthom house in the Shire.

It is not too late to find those wintry holiday pictures and get those in to us! If you would like to show off your favorite game holiday celebration, just email your picture to us here at one shot at massively dot com along with your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we are seeing. We will post it out here and give you the Elsword Gold for sending it in!

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