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Strategy for Archers in Atlantica

As archers' poor defense and low HP in Atlantica, so they should never be in the front row. You must be careful to keep a unit in front of them, that they are not exposed to any melee attacks. Their high DEX can help them dodge less accurate ranged attacks, but be prepared to heal them when they get hit by any kind of attack.

The archer's real value is lies in her strong attacks, as she can often wipe out an enemy with lower defense in one attack. Also, her Silence spell can keep pesky enemy casters from hurting allied units. Here is Atlantica Online Gold, if you need you can buy from our website.

Having more than one archer can pay off against single tough targets(Atlantica Gold), such as bosses, but they are not the most efficient against multiple foes. Usually, one archer is plenty for a squad.

As Rank C units become available, the player gains access to prophets, a sort of ranged/caster hybrid. They are not exactly apples to apples, but prophets end up better in every attribute except DEX, and they have magics that can take some of the punch out of enemy magic as well. The archer's Silence spell is very versatile, but the tougher prophets make the better choice at higher levels(Atlantica Online Gold).


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