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Asda2: New MMORPG Announced for Closed Beta Testing

Yesterday, OnNet USA announced that the sequel to one of their online games, Asda Story, will be launching into the Closed Beta testing phase starting today. Asda2 will bring you into a fantasy world where you can create a unique character and explore the side of light or dark. 

Asda2 Starting today, the Closed Beta of Asda2 will not be a long lived venture, as it will only being going through. However, this is an important step in the development of any online game and there will most certainly be important things discovered about the game in that time.

The highlights of Asda2 are the nearly endless customizations of your character, seemingly endless variety and high-action PvP battles. OnNet USA stated that they want to give players an environment in which they can create the character they want and make it unique as possible.

Like other MMORPGs, Asda2 features two different factions for (Asda2 Gold)which you can fight. Choose either the Light or Dark and face-off against your enemies in all out PvP combat. You will have eight different classes that you can choose from and master.

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