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First Impressions of Vindictus

Once you get into the game you quickly learn the basics. You are in a town that has six main buildings to explore; the forge, the inn, the mercenary outpost, the general store, the magic lab, and the traveler’s shop. Each of these buildings is home to different people, each bringing you new quests and stories as you progress through the game.

The inn is the hub of the town, featuring the oracle, Tieve. She is the one who at the center of everything, or so it seems from my interactions in the game. Everyone in the vindictus town attempts to please her and/or protect her.

As you progress through the game you do not spend all of your time in the city of Colhen nor the six buildings previously vindictus gold mentioned. When you venture out of Colhen, you will see a line of boats outside docked and ready to be boarded. At the beginning, you only have two options; the fishing boat and the boat to Perilous Ruins. First we will discuss the combat boats. These boats take you around to vindictus gold the world and each have several different missions they buy vindictus gold can bring you to. Each mission is locked by level and progress requirements, and each boat is controlled in the same manner.

The missions appear when you approach the boat, and from there you can change around a few options. First there is the oath of honor, which is an added difficulty to buy vindictus gold missions, such as harder monsters or not being able to use potions. Next you can vary both the party size, and the difficulty. The difficult has three modes: regular, hard, and hero. Hero is locked buy vindictus gold until you reach level 50, and hard simply makes the monsters more difficult and removes health bars from the bosses.

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