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Mabinogi News
Mabinogi Experience of Training Class

mabinogi is a train class game, this is not the means to play it aim is to save the day underground bubble levels, but the game apart from chatting to the outer, almost everything depends on skills to..


Raising Money for Starlight Children's Foundation

Mabinogi devs have announced a charitable item has been placed into the game. The Starlight Scepter is now available and 50% of the proceeds from the sale of these scepters will be sent directly to th..


Mabinogi Overview and Recent Content

mabinogi gold is a fantasy MMORPG that is unique in its use of real time to affect characters. Characters age every week, gaining experience points that can be used to upgrade abilities up until age 2..


Mabinogi: New Alchemy Update Released

Nexon America today released the latest content update for mabinogi gold named Alchemist. The Alchemist update brings science and magic together and introduces a new storyline to the game, a new skill..


Mabinogi - FAQ

How does that work? I saw a bunch of people sitting around a campfire.Whats the deal with campfires? When I connect to the game, on the top it says, Today is (day of the week) along with an effect... ..


Mabinogi Gold This is a fantasy MMORPG

mabinogi gold This is a fantasy MMORPG based on the Celtic mythology, Mabinogion. Unlike other games, when a player starts off in-game they may choose an age for their character instead of a class. Fo..


Nexon America Releases ‘Dragon’ Update for Mabinogi

Players can now experience mabinogi gold, a new expansion pack for Nexon Americas fantasy MMOG mabinogi gold featuring a huge block of new features to the game. The new content includes a war between ..


Full Review: Mabinogi

mabinogi gold is based loosely on Welsh mythology and offers a unique MMORPG environment with hand painted characters and a colorful game world. Character creation in mabinogi gold can be difficult. P..



mabinogi gold is an online game released by South Korean Game Distributing Company Nexon, and developed by devCAT studio, one of several development teams in Nexon Inc. The Welsh word mabinogi is foun..


Free online game

must be wondering, what makes mabinogi gold so special? Well, here are a few things: The Combat systemMabinogis 2.0 battle system is truly amazing. mabinogi gold battles run on a RTS (real time strate..


Another way to upgrade for Mabinogi newbie

mabinogi gold brings a lot of fun and happy time for all the players. If you liked Mabinogi Online, decide to play for a long time, and hope to play out of an appearance, understanding a few new frien..


Beginners Combat and Dungeons Guide

mabinogi is about the stun, the knockbacks , correct use of skills and timing.The stun system would look something like this-first hit will stun the enemy for a short time,the second one will stun him..


Challenges of Localization in Different Regions with Mabinogi

Mabinogi game, but to take a countrys situation and tradition into heart and to realize that you can accrue new wisdom, even at our age, is truly enlightening.mabinogi gold is the various cultural dif..


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