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Weapon Defence Armors in Knight

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What drop Weapon Defence Armors?
Actually in USKO version nothing drop this armors. The cheapest
knight noahis offered here. Actually it is a bug, or they removed it. In other versions of KO defence armors still drop. It will be back to USKO. In theory almost every creep can drop def armor, but you could get the most of them from all kind of Orcs, from Golems and from every mob in Abyss. Also Blood Dons in colony zone seems drop def armors more often than other mobs. Table below shows what defence type can appear on what part of armor and how much defence it has.

Talia Skin
There is also pauldron called Talia Skin. By the way, if you want to buy cheap
knight noah, please go to our site and knight gold ave a look, we have enough stock anytime. You can make it by doing quest available at Proconsul in Moradon. Finishing this quest gives you as reward Talia Skin with Defence Ability for random weapon (50) or resist to random spell type (200). The AC of Talia depends from your character class, it is similar to +8 chitin/crimson armor. The worst thing in Talias is that you cannot repair it. There are many people throwing acid potions, that is why you think in most cases using Talia is pointless.

Shields with weapon defence ability
There are also shields with Defence Ability. They are nice for priests who cannot afford for Chitin Shield. Just collect shield for every type of weapon and switch it with your normal shield when need. They drop mostly in Abyss as rare items. Notice that there are
knight gold4 types of shields with weapon defences: 1. Dagger, 2. Spear, 3. Arrow and 4. Axe, Club, Sword. Table below shows how much def per grade this shields got.

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