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A Free Oline Game:Habbo Hotel

Habbo is an online game that is free of cost, and has over 60 million players created. To clear it up, a "Habbo" is a character that play within the realm of the Habbo Hotel. Within the Habbo Hotel you can walk, communicate, create rooms, exchange items, interact with the environment, and much more.


One of the biggest and greatest aspects of habbo credits is the furniture that you can buy and place inside your room. Everyone loves furniture, and a lot of it is highly unique. Furniture items range from chairs, couches, and sofas to rubber ducks, laser gates, and record players.


Another big aspect of the game is the ability to choose the characteristics for your habbo credits. When creating a unique habbo credits you can pick out whether they wear a hat or just have hair, whether they wear a t-shirt or a hoodie, the kind of pants they wear, their shoes, and other characteristics such as color schemes. There is an array of different faces to choose from as well, so choose wisely. I personally chose the face that correlated with my own personal looks best. The hats within the game go from santa hats to beanies, and for hair there is the almighty afro of the habbo credits realm.

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