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There's something to be said for a game that can stand the test of time. Final Fantasy XI Online dates back to 2002, when it was originally released in Japan. Clearly inspired by the influential massively multiplayer PC game EverQuest, FFXI infused the online role-playing formula with the distinctive look and feel of Square Enix's hugely popular franchise. The game naturally attracted thousands of players, many of whom stuck with FFXI Gil over the long haul, since it featured a deep character class system and a huge, evolving world to explore. However, it's simply impossible to look at  FFXI Gil for the Xbox 360 in the same way as the previously released PC and PlayStation 2 versions. Paradoxically, that's because this latest translation of the game is essentially no different than the others. It makes no concessions whatsoever to take advantage of the Xbox 360, and it practically goes out of its way to inconvenience and alienate new players. If you're addicted to FFXI Gil already, now you can play it in HD on the Xbox 360 if you feel like buying another copy. But if you've avoided the game up until now, you'd best keep that up.

Final Fantasy XI for the Xbox 360 is essentially identical to the aging online RPG that's long since been available for the PC and PlayStation 2.


It's not that this is an inherently bad game--far from it. In theory, it offers tremendous lasting appeal, an incredibly vast world to explore, and lots of exciting character-development options. Despite borrowing the conventions of many other online role-playing games, FFXI Gil has many unique traits and a distinctive style that can be very appealing. Most notably, the game features a whole slew of different character classes inspired by the Final Fantasy series, and eventually you can mix and match the abilities of these to suit your preference. From beastmasters to bards, the game's sheer variety of character options is remarkable, though initially (and for a while) only a few standard job types are available. Furthermore, Final Fantasy XI Gil  offers plenty of story-driven content for those willing to undertake the numerous missions and quests that comprise the game's plot as well as its underlying political system, in which three rival nations struggle to control the world of Vana'diel. Tons of different trade guilds, a bazaar and auction house system, a huge variety of different weapons and equipment, and different modes of transportation, including massive airships and fast-running chocobos, also help add depth to the world.

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