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Entropia Universe people to open a bank

The online game world can not only Daguai, blood can also be when the bankers to extend the financial layout! Sweden, an online game "Entropia Universe" A recent online virtual banking license auction, the results of five licenses of intense bidding, attracting entrepreneurs, celebrities and so on, the last auction amounting to 400,004 thousand dollars.

5 Some of the winning bidder on behalf of entities Entropia universe gold, banks, either in a virtual game world celebrities. Game makers MindArk that access to exclusive banking services, five people will be able to license the game world Entropia universe gold, 24 hours "Entropia Universe" players in the world to provide financial services, including its own set loan term, interest rates, loans to other players and the the charging of interest Entropia universe gold, etc.; Players can also design their own virtual bank building naming, advertising, and even some staff to serve customers, to remind the loan interest rate loans for business Entropia universe gold, etc. and help.

MindArk said that in order for the virtual banks to operate, the winning bidder had to pay 100,000 U.S. dollars as operating funds;Entropiauniverse ped games and the real world because the U.S. dollar has a fixed exchange rate between the proportion of the game does not rule out a move to attract investment in the real world or to participate in the financial industry, as in the game receive the money back to the real world can still be in cash.

According to MindArk statistics Entropiauniverse ped, "Entropia Universe" which already has 58 million registered accounts, and last year's game world created by the turnover of 300 million 6 million dollars; MindArk believe that five banks would be the world's service system into the game, while only one non-virtual billboards Entropiauniverse ped.

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