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Eden Eternal Releases Major Patch - Territory Wars

Aeria Games today released its largest content expansion patch for Eden Eternal. The new content expansion patch includes the introduction of the highly anticipated Warlock class, multiple new uncharted territories, the Loyalty Shop and the long-awaited Player vs. Player Territory War system.

Level Cap Increase – With the raise in level cap, players will now be able to unlock the mystical and uncanny powers of the Warlock.

New Warlock Character Class – Warlocks practice the dark arts and specialize in spawning parasites on their targets then manipulating them with an array of spells. Warlocks also have the ability to summon a pet Behelder to do their bidding.

Uncharted Regions and New Areas to Explore – The new expansion unlocks the much anticipated Delphi Forest and Blackflame Peak regions. The Southwestern Continent also adds Sunset Desert and Skyreach Jungle for higher level players.

New Quests and Dungeons – Several new 3-player and 5-player dungeons will test even the strongest of guilds.

Loyalty Shop – Players will now be rewarded points through standard gameplay allowing them to purchase items normally only available for Eden Eternal Gold (AP).

PvP “Territory War” – The highly anticipated “Territory Wars” system puts guilds in a free-for-all brawl. This will consistently push the limits of teamwork, forcing players to work in a timely manner to either claim or defend the various territories. With the success of each battle will come opportunities for various rewards on both the offensive and defensive side of the fight.

OnRPG has been eagerly awaiting the territory war system since it was hinted at during our brief visit to Aeria HQ. I had almost begun to believe it was a myth, but now it seems the myth has become reality. Beyond this the Eden Eternal Gold staff has announced they also have a 3v3 PvP Arena in the works!

OnRPG will be sending in one of our writers soon to do a full review on this game as well as the territory war system in the near future!

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