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The Best Thing About Darkfall

I am about 2 weeks into Darkfall and even though my skills are crap, my gear is crap and I have barely explored further than the newbie areas, I have to say it is a lot of fun. I am actually quite surprised as to how fun a game it is. Remember, at launch this game produced enough bile that every subscription came with a Darkfall Gold pack of antiacids. Folks on this very site dismissed the game after wrestling with its arcane user interface. Every forum (Darkfall’s included) was filled with wailing over how bad this game was. It scored a 2/10 in an early review… and then that review was hotly argued… by Darkfall Goldthe developers and the review site’s editors nonetheless.

It was the biggest trainwreck since Age of Conan — The Trainwreck of All Trainwrecks — which is a cornucopiaDarkfall Gold for hobbyist internet vultures such as myself, but did not bode well for the health of the game. And yet, here we are nearly Darkfall Golda year after launch and through several patches and expansions, Darkfall is still around and it has become a good game.

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